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Ganesha #1

Magical Fairy

Blue Lotus
The beauty of Agnes’ exclusive greeting cards is a collector’s delight. Children of all ages love to collect her cards, and display them on the walls of their room. Adults have praised her artwork for helping them with their healing process. Family, friends and business associates will enjoy receiving them as gifts for any special occasion. Each greeting card is truly a work of art.

Her exclusive greeting cards illustrate a variety of mystical and spiritual themes, including enchanting mermaids, magical unicorns, as well as angels, fairies, flowers and hearts. Her intention is to express joy and gratitude for the world and all its sacred aspects . . . it’s beautiful birds and animals, and for nature itself . . . for flowers, water, and all iridescent colors she sees inspired by subtle realms that surround us and inter-dimensionally assist us.

Realizing from an early age that angels and fairies exist, her artwork reflects visions of subtle realms from her authentic experiences that she delights to share. She currently has approximately 200 designs and works regularly to create new ideas and new designs.

Unabashed Femininity and Beauty are Trademarks of Her Designs

Greeting Cards
Agnes’ exclusive greeting cards are prints of her original artwork. Each card is uniquely handcrafted and embellished with glitter and individually decorated using a variety of mixed media – feathers, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and sequins in dazzling pinks, shimmering golds and electric blues.

Greeting card dimensions are 6" x 4-1/2" when folded. Each card is handcrafted on different colored cardstock. All cards are blank inside, allowing you to write your own unique and appropriate sentiment to the recipient. The cards come with matching envelopes in a clear protective covering.

Commercial Accounts
Wholesale quantity and prices are available to registered commercial accounts. Please contact the artist for minimum quantity and wholesale price quote. Custom orders for special occasions or themes are available.

Individual Customer Orders
Each handcrafted greeting card is $7.00 per card. Minimum order is 6 cards. Handling and shipping charges are extra. Custom orders for special occasions or themes are available.

How to Place Your Order
Specify the title of the image you want, and the quantity you desire. Be sure to include your telephone number. The artist will contact you to discuss your order, and answer any questions you might have. Send your request to email: heartawareness(at)gmail(dot)com - Note: Telephone calls from Canada or the United States will be returned by the artist. However, telephone calls from outside Canada and the U.S. will be a "collect call" and the client will be asked to accept the charges.

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Luminous Heart of Oneness

Ganesha #1

Akialoa Hawaiian Bird

Angel of Love

Blue Lotus

Magical Fairy

Dolphins with Castle

My First Healing Angel

Kuan Yin in Prayer

Hawaiian Mermaid

Hawaiian Sea Bird

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Two Butterflies

Three Koi

Mermaid with Dolphin

Angel Heart

Feng Shui for Rest and Relaxation

Lucky Cat

Mystical Flower Fairy

I Love You Angel

Mermaid with Sea Turtle


Angel of Love and Protection


Mystical Flying Mermaid

Wishing You Many Happy Days

Quan Yin for Peace and Healing

Our Magical Bee

Kauai Unicorn


Bunny with Flowers

Mother Mary

Sea Turtle

Watermarks are for Copyright Protection - Not Included with Artwork